Planning your big day, some helpful hints

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When I was mulling over whether to get involved in what seems like an over saturated market, I reverted to type. Being a former policeman and a “Crime Scene Investigator” to boot, I undertook a whole load of research.  Thank goodness for the internet and search engines! 

I looked up articles on the art of wedding photography and the business of wedding photography, take it from me, there are a bunch of folks out there making money telling you how to do it.  Some are even really talented photographers, thus disproving Oscar Wilde’s saying “Those that can do, those that can’t teach.”  My point in all this is, one or two people who have imparted their wisdom on the subjects resonated with me, one was Ryan Schembri, an incredibly successful and talented photographer from Australia and another being Jasmine Star, from California.

They both have given up their time to produce excellent teaching aids that are made available via the internet, in Jasmin’s case via Creative Live.  The reason I took to these two is their approach of wanting to be more than just a photographer, of wanting to make the memories for their couples.  It made me think about my own wedding over 22 years ago, our photographer, Tony Mangion, was absolutely fantastic.  He went out of his way to help and made sure we got an incredible set of pictures, which have adorned the marital home ever since.

This is how I operate, I am not just a snapper, I will move heaven and earth to get the very best shots possible because I want my couples to be blown away, not just pleased.  I also realised just how challenging it is to organise a wedding, and I thought there are just so many places to look and in all honesty, as good as Google etc are, it is a real pain trawling through all entries in the search result.

I do not envy couples the task of making all those big decisions, and one of the biggest is who to choose to take photographs.  So, I thought I would try and help those of you who are trying to make that choice.  Here are a few good articles that will help you in that process.


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Stylist Magazine (UK) Huffington Post (US/UK)
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Hitched (UK) A Practical Wedding (USA)
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So, there are just a few to get you started, but be aware, the definitions and opinions change across each site, so make your own decision based on what you want.  Hopefully, you will allow me to become part of your big day, and If you do, I can promise you one thing, I will work my socks off for you and will not be happy unless you are ecstatic.


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