Why use a professional photographer for your marketing and advertising?

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In a blatant attempt at self-promotion, I have decided to not beat around the bush. The old idiom "a picture paints a thousand words" is as true today as when it was first coined.  In fact, there is an abundance of data in support of that very point, so much so, it would take you a month of Sundays to wade through it all.

Do not panic! I have decided in my beneficence to summarise a lot of it for you! I have produced a handy little infographic which helps explain why GOOD photography can seriously improve your communications with clients and customers.  It is FREE, and I have even made it easy to find click here.

This alone does not really get my point across, so in my best 'dad' fashion, let me explain why using a professional photographer makes much more sense than DIY or stock photography.

When you get married, it is a very special moment, it is so special you will want to record the day to enable you to show your children and friends just how special it was.  You want the pictures and possibly the video, to record the happiness, joy and love that is all around you on that day.

So you need to decide how best to do that.  Most people have a very hard budget and there is little wriggle room, a bit like a business' budget.  So you shop around, you consider all the options, from letting cousin Kevin take the pictures because he has a nice camera and a big lens, oh and he is free. Or, you could possibly get a student from the local college to do it for a bit of cash in hand and the experience, or, you most likely will find a professional who's style you like and who can work within your budget.

Most people take the third option.  Why? because they want the fantastic memories, the quality that will show how perfect the day was (and how drunk granddad got). Yes you know it is more expensive but the value it gives is priceless. Not only that, professional photography is a powerful reminder of that special day. 

So why would you not do the same for your business?  Surely, it is a labour of love, something you want to be successful and you want to brag about?  Why then do people still use dodgy phone pictures, or slightly out of focus shots from a colleague to market their company and advertise their products and services?  Why then, would you stick with the generic 'out of the box' stock photos bought from a faceless website.  I mean, you could actually end up with the same pictures on your material as a competitor.

The return on investment will certainly out way the cost.  Professional photography has been proven time and time again to save money and generate more business that long wordy advertisements or marketing material.

So here endeth the lesson for the month.  I hope that this gives you some food for thought. If it has act now and ask me how I can help you via our contact page (handy link:  Contact)



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